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  1. Devfolio Current

    Building an economic oppurnities platfrom for builders, through fellowships, hackathons, bounties and more...

    • Learned about how large scale technical events are hosted
    • Hacked on top of interesting new web3 primitives like EAS attestations
    • Helped build and ship features like onchain credentials, crypto cheer and quadratic voting end-to-end
    • Championed, built and shipped a bunch of product features end-to-end
    • Improved and built new internal tools to help the ops team manage event logistics better
    • Shipped lots of cool software with cool people. Made some great friends. :)
  2. Now&Me

    A peer-to-peer mental health platform

    • Learned a ton about building community/social apps
    • Learned a ton about product analytics + user behaviour analysis
    • Learned a ton about building scalable Kubernetes infra
    • Built robost internal tools for UGC moderation
  3. COVID Army Public Good

    A platform to find lifesaving COVID related resources across 1200 indian cities at the height of the COVID 19 pademic

    GitHub -> https://github.com/covidarmy

  4. Cato TV Open Source

    An ambitious education video platform, that aimed to curate the best knowledge on the internet.

    This was my first time working in a team, Learned a ton; about enginnering, product and people.

    Built cool shit with incredible people and fostered some of my closest friendships

    We bit off more than we could chew at the time, the product unfortunately never came to fruition.

    GitHub -> https://github.com/catoverse

  5. Navgurukul Labs Public Good

    Got in touch with Navgurukul through friends at Cato, Cato was breifly a part of Navgurukul Labs before we ultimately decided to move on...

    Breifly volunteered to help with engineering and some misc product managemnt for various initiatives within the org.

    • Led the Cato TV engineering team for a while (poorly). I was clueless. Learned a ton
    • Learned to be a product-focused engineer
    • Started to build a product intuition
    • Learned the importance of talking to users, and not building in a void