Some ideas on Productivity

Productivity. Being Efficient in your work and perhaps even other aspects of your life, But more importantly for me, Work. Its a constant battle, to not give in to your monkey brain’s instant gratification cravings and sit down, decide what’s important to get done in order to reach the heights you ever so desire.

It gets easier with time, perhaps almost to the point of being at autopilot for some, But whether they realize it or not, everybody is susceptible to the instincts of the monkey brain.

That’s why building a reliable system that makes it as easy as possible to do the right thing is crucial.

Relying on discipline is the way of the uninitiated. Your brain, as controlled by all its hormonic chaos no matter how strong you think your “willpower” is, It WILL deplete, and without concrete external systems, your bursts of willpower will fall short.

The Five Pillars of the GTD Productivity System (CCORE):

Capture - Your mind is for having ideas and not storing them, Have system to record ideas as you have them

Clarify - A lot of procrastination comes from the lack of clarity on your next action, try to be as specific as possible in your to-dos

Organize - Organizing and categorizing inputs to their appropriate projects and silos along with adding relevant metadata helps to keep the system organized and clutter-free

Reflect - Thinking about what went well, and what could go better on a regular basis is important to keep the greater picture in sight, and helps tweak your action plan as needed.

Engage - Do the things you plan to do, There’s no substitute to actually getting the work done.


The 5 Key Principles of Productivity